Pre-K Voucher Bill Passed Through Senate

Pre-k Voucher Bill


Early education is on the rise for Indiana as the voucher bill was passed yesterday and is now awaiting the vote of the House which will take place next week. The voucher bill gives qualified low income families a chance to send their children to preschools working on the advancement of early academic life. Director Ted Maple (MAY-pel) at United Way of Central Indiana says one reason they support the bill is that the scholarship is only effective for high quality child care programs, schools, or other environments that meet the standards for early education.

“United Way along with many other education advocates believe strongly that if we invest early in young children, give them a high quality education, that they’ll be more prepared for school, more successful in school, and will be less likely to have to deal with other costly issues down the road such as remediation or problems students face if they are not adequately prepared.”

Although the ISTA is on board for early childhood funding by the state, spokesman Mark Shoup (Sh-oop) claims they have a few issues about the bill.

“The data support that Indiana has outstanding public schools. The traditional public schools in the state continue to perform, students and educators, continue to perform much better than other states in the area and across the United States. Our vision is that the state constitution is very clear that the state has to establish and fund a consistent common school program across the state and pulling money away from public schools and transferring it to private, 98% of which are religious schools is counter to the state constitution.”

According to the bill, 1,000 students will benefit from this scholarship each receiving a value based on their income level that will add up to a state cost of $7 million dollars in funding.


(photo credit to Elle Moxley of State Impact @


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